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AJK Television Productions is an independent production company with many areas of expertise.

We pride ourselves in creating the best quality video graphic material for any given situation or requirement. 




With nearly 20 years of video production experience, AJK are able to meet the needs of any video or television project no matter how large or small. AJK can cater for single camera shoots all the way up to multi camera live recording of events.

AJK has a strong team of production professionals with expertise in lighting, sound, location shooting and management, graphic design and specialist technical video. 





Education / Corporate
For the corporate or education client AJK has significant in house expertise in these areas. AJK can create your educational or instructional DVD’s. We are able to provide assistance in all aspects of the design and creative process.

AJK can also produce Television Commercials using advanced in house Graphics Software and also with good contacts for sourcing celebrities. 




Motor Sport
AJK has many years of experience filming and broadcasting outside events such as motor racing. We are able to provide crews for any event  regardless of the location. We regularly film at the majority of race circuits throughout the UK as well as many events based in rural forest locations.

We pride ourselves in being able to produce the best coverage for an event for any given budget, we also have excellent relationships with a variety of broadcasters so we are able to negotiate prime time slots for your programmes.

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